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Editorial Committee

  • T. R. Williamson

    T. R. Williamson, Editor

    I'm an MPhil (by Thesis) student at the University of Cambridge. My research interests lie primarily at the intersects of mind and meaning, with my current thesis focusing on concepts and what kind of conception of concepts brings us closest to the most sophisticated picture of linguistic meaning. As the Editor of JoULAB, it is my role to supervise all its activities from start to finish; particularly, I've headed up submissions with Cliodhna, reviews with Brandon, copyediting with Anne and the Associate Copyeditors, and publication.
  • Brandon Papineau

    Brandon Papineau, Head of the Board of Reviewers

    I’m a first year PhD student at Stanford University in California, but I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh. During my time there, I got involved in ULAB, and served as National Chair for the 2019-2020 academic year. My primary research interests are psycholingusitics, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics, as well as lyrical and musical cognition. At JoULAB, I am the Head of the Board of Reviewers, meaning I coordinate all aspects of the review process.
  • Cliodhna Hughes

    Cliodhna Hughes, Associate Editor

    I’m a third year MA Linguistics student at Edinburgh, particularly interested in phonetics, language acquisition, and recently also language evolution. I enjoy doing anything that’s at least vaguely related to linguistics, but I have a couple of hobbies outside of linguistics, namely glass fusing, playing underwater hockey and making gouda cheese puns. Within JoULAB my role involves interviewing potential reviewers for the Journal along with Brandon and Tom, and helping out with admin wherever needed.
  • Marius Henius Dreijer

    Marius Henius Dreijer, Secretary

    I'm a second year BA Linguistics student at Lancaster University, and my primary interests are in computational linguistics, natural language processing and computational approaches to psycho- and neurolinguistic topics, especially related to pathology. I am currently looking at new ways of applying edit distance metrics in a phonemic context. As Secretary of JoULAB, my main responsibility is to make life as easy as possible for the rest of the Editorial Committee, by organising meetings, preparing article submissions for review, and maintaining our shared online workspace. I feel incredibly grateful to get to serve amongst such a brilliant group of young linguists, and look very much forward to publishing our first issue!
  • Anne Eschenbruecher

    Anne Eschenbruecher, Copyeditor

  • Maisy Hallam

    Maisy Hallam, Associate Copyeditor

    I'm a first year MSc (by Research) student in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests lie in experimental language evolution. I am especially fascinated by the interface of human cognition and cross-linguistic variation, and what that can tell us about the adaptive pressures that shape language. At JoULAB, I'm on the copyediting team, working hard to uphold the almighty style guide and to make sure all articles look perfect before publication.
  • Eleonora Kacl

    Eleonora Kacl, Associate Copyeditor

    I’m a first year MA English and Digital Linguistics student at the University of Basel (Major) and Zurich (Minor), Switzerland. My research interests lie primarily in pragmatics and sociolinguistics, with a special focus on relational work (e.g. (im-)politeness in discourse) and and identity construction. At JoULAB, I am an Associate Copyeditor where I am working with my fellow associate copyeditors Maisy and Shannon, ensuring all submitted articles adhere to the style guide.
  • Rachel Shannon

    Rachel Shannon, Associate Copyeditor

    I am currently in my fourth year of an MA in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. My main linguistic interests lie in child language acquisition and language development, specifically in clinical populations. I have spent time working with and studying the language development of children with autism, and hope to continue this type of work into postgraduate study and beyond. As one of the Associate Copyeditors for JoULAB, I work as part of a team to ensure that all published articles adhere to our Formatting and Style Guide. I look forward to learning more about the ins and outs of producing an academic journal as I progress in the role.