Abstract submissions and conference registration for ULAB 2021 are open! Check out 'University of Aberdeen 2021' in 'Conferences' above.


  • Who is eligible to submit to JoULAB?
Anyone shall be eligible to submit to JoULAB so long as their work was carried out (or the bulk of it was carried out) when they were an undergraduate student of linguistics or a related discipline, and so long as their undergraduate studies were completed no more than three years prior to submitting the abstract. Works published in the Proceedings of ULAB 2019, or elsewhere, are ineligible for consideration. 

  • What if there were multiple contributors to your prospective submission?
The Journal is happy to accept works where more than one person contributed to its completion. Please remember that 'contribution' to an work's completion comes in multiple forms, such as, for example, writing, research, or data collection. In such cases of multiple contributors, a number of conditions must be met. These are the following:
(1) the primary contributor (i.e., the first author listed in the submission; the person who contributed the most) must have completed their work (or the bulk of their work) for the article during their time as an undergraduate student, which must not have ended longer than three years prior to submission;
(2) at least half of contributors to the submission must have completed their work (or the bulk of their work) for the article during their time as an undergraduate student, which must not have ended longer than three years prior to submission;
(3) and, all persons involved in the production of the article must be listed in the submission and in the Undergraduate Authorship Agreement in order of their respective contributions to its completion.
To demonstrate that, in cases of multiple contributors, authors understand and accept the above conditions, they will be required to send us a signed and completed Undergraduate Authorship Agreement. This should be attached to the original submission (see 'What should your submission look like?' below)

  • What kinds of works should be submitted?
Any undergraduate research that falls within the discipline of linguistics, or associated subfields, will be considered by reviewers for acceptance to JoULAB.

  • What fields of linguistics are relevant for submission to JoULAB?
All fields of linguistics, or associated areas of study, will be considered for acceptance to the Journal. 

  • How does submission for JoULAB work?
Please send your submission to ulabjournal@gmail.com, where it will be anonymised and distributed for abstract approval and then reviewing. Please also include some personal information in the body of your email.

  • What should your submission look like?
Your email to ulabjournal@gmail.com should include two PDF attachments. The first should contain the title and abstract for your paper, which should be named ‘[surname]_abstract_joulab2020.pdf’. This will be anonymised before sending for approval. The second attachment should contain your full article, named ‘[surname]_article_joulab2020.pdf’, making sure it is formatted in accordance with the JoULAB Formatting and Styling Guide.
Should your submission have been completed by multiple contributors, please accord these named PDF files with the surname of the primary contributor and assure that you attach a signed and completed Undergraduate Authorship Agreement to this initial email (meaning it will include three PDF attachments).

  • What should your abstract look like?
We are aware some prospective authors for JoULAB (and prospective presenters at the Conference) may never have written an abstract before. To help, we have created this Abstract Guide with useful tips and information about how to go about it. Those with a keen eye will notice that we have included three types of abstract in this document; only those whose submissions to JoULAB become successful will be requested to write a Plain English Abstract.

  • What personal information should be included in your email?
In the main body of your email to ulabjournal@gmail.com, which will also contain your two attachments, please include: 
a. the name you would like to be published under, 
b. a contact email, 
c. your year of study (or years since graduation; if you are recently graduated, please include your employment status/job title), 
d. any affiliated institution(s), 
e. and your research interests (where applicable).

  • Are there any restrictions on word count?
There is no minimum nor maximum number of words that articles for JoULAB are specified to be. Great work can be done in three, thirty, or even more pages! That said, abstracts must be a maximum of 250 words, and reviewers may advise authors to add in or take out content at their discretion.

  • When is the submission deadline?
Submissions for the first issue of JoULAB will close on Monday, 17th August at 23:59 BST.

  • Who’s on the Editorial Committee?
See the committee page.

  • Who’s reviewing JoULAB submissions?
All articles and abstracts will be reviewed by current graduate students in linguistics or related fields. We employ a double-blind reviewing process to preserve anonymity. 

  • What can you expect back from reviewers and how should you act on corrections? 
Following abstract approval by the Editorial Committee, articles will be read by two of our Board of Reviewers. All abstracts and articles will be anonymised before consideration. If your abstract is not approved, the Associate Editor will provide you with feedback from the Editorial Committee that may advise for resubmission with corrections. Should your abstract be approved, two members of the Board of Reviewers will provide feedback on your article. Following these reviews, your paper will receive one of the following four designations: 
a. accepted with minor corrections, 
b. accepted with major corrections, 
c. revise and resubmit,
d. or rejection.

  • When and where will JoULAB be published?
The Editorial Committee aims to publish the Journal in December 2020. It will be released on our website (www.ulab.org.uk) and hosted with a DOI on Zenodo.

  • Whom should you contact if you have any questions or comments?
If you have any questions at all regarding the submissions process, formatting their articles, or anything else, please feel free to get in contact with the Associate Editor via ulabjournal@gmail.com.

  • What does the introduction of JoULAB mean for the Proceedings?
For ULABX, there will be no publication of any Proceedings (given that we did not host a conference this year). However, we invite all those who submitted abstracts to present this year to also submit to JoULAB. In future years, JoULAB and the Proceedings will run side-by-side.