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About ULAB

In January 2011, Edinburgh University’s Linguistics and English Language Society wanted to develop links with linguistics students in other universities. They searched for a national undergraduate linguistics group but soon realised that none existed: this led to the creation of ULAB. We are a student-run autonomous collective, and are entirely staffed by volunteers. ULAB is the only society set up for undergraduate linguistic students that is not tied to another professional organisation or university.


  • To provide a forum for linguistics discussion among undergraduates in Britain;
  • To hold annual conferences for linguistics students to present their work and showcase undergraduate research in language sciences;
  • To help provide a network and central hub for university societies;
  • To bridge the gap between national student interests and universities and professional organisations.
You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or by emailing the committee. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.
For queries regarding JoULAB, the undergraduate journal published by ULAB, contact the Editorial Committee at ulabjournal@gmail.com.
For queries relating to U-Lingua, ULAB's quarterly magazine, contact the Editorial Team at ulinguamagazine@gmail.com

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Partner societies
  • LAGB

    The Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB) is the leading professional association for academic linguists in Great Britain, and welcomes new members. Its scope includes all branches of linguistics – formal or functional, theoretical or descriptive, synchronic or diachronic, social or psychological (or neither), concerned with one language or many. Its members individually favour a wide range of different theories of language structure, and all theoretical persuasions are welcome.
  • Cambridge University Linguistic Society

    The Society aims to bring together members of the university with an interest in language. We meet every other week during term time, attracting speakers from a variety of departments and institutions both inside and outside Cambridge. For a list of past talks, please visit our archive at talks.cam.ac.uk.
  • Edinburgh University Linguistics Society

    EULingSoc is a society for the appreciation, study and conversation of language science. We provide a forum for linguistics that extends beyond the classroom to provide support, friendship, and community. We hold events every week, alternating between talks and socials, and we have bi-weekly paper discussions. We also run a peer support system with workshops and study sessions.
  • Aberdeen University Linguistics Society

    AULS is Aberdeen's undergraduate linguistics society. Since 2013, we have gathered all kinds of language lovers for linguistics-related events that range from academic talks with experts to chill pub socials and movie nights. We are here to support linguistics students as well as promote discussion on language-related topics across all disciplines.
  • York St John Linguistics Society

    York St John Linguistics Society is committed to providing opportunities for English Language & Linguistics students to to meet with all academic years beyond timetabled lectures and get more out of their university experience. The society meets regularly for socials as well as hosts a fortnightly guest lecture series in which experts in their fields come to deliver a talk on their research, followed by pizza at a local restaurant!
  • Lancaster University Linguistics and English Language Society

    The Linguistics and English Language (LAEL) Society is a group, not just for students who study Linguistics and/or English Language at Lancaster University, but for anyone with an enthusiasm for language! Our aim is to help those interested in language and linguistics to have a source for extracurricular activities with other like-minded people. We host a variety of linguistics based events throughout the year such as external speakers, quizzes, revision sessions and many more! For more information about LAEL Society at Lancaster check out our social media pages!
  • UCL Linguistics Society

    UCL LingSoc - home for all registered linguist llamas on BA Linguistics or BSc Experimental Linguistics (including year abroad programmes).
  • Queen Mary University of London Linguistics Society

  • University of York Linguistics Society

    This society is a student-led group of individuals who like linguistics a little more than they ought to. We put on events, socials and study sessions in York.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yorklingsoc
  • Babel

    Babel is the quarterly language magazine that brings you cutting-edge linguistic research in an accessible and colourful format. Our print and digital issues cover a vast array of language lovers’ lore, taking in languages from around the world; the past, present and future of language, and the many different uses of linguistics in the world around us. Our Best Of issue is available for free, with features taken from across our first 32 issues. You can read it online by clicking here, or get in touch at babelthelanguagemagazine@gmail.com for a print or PDF copy.
  • Asociación de Estudiantes de Lingüística

    Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina)
    We created AEL as an opportunity to (virtually) meet one another during the pandemic. The linguistics department is rather small and we needed a place to promote discussion on language-related topics. Our Instagram account expands the classroom and provides support for online events and communities. We created an undergraduate linguistics journal called Alma Máter and we are really excited to see what students have to say about language.