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Institutional Representatives

We have representatives at over 17 institutions, both within the UK and internationally.
  • Michael Gössler

    Michael Gössler

    University of Edinburgh

    Michael is a second-year linguistics student at the University of Edinburgh and currently secretary of Edinburgh’s Linguistics Society. Originally from Styria, Austria, he entered the world of linguistics as a conlanger, knowing from age 15 he wanted to make language science his degree. Besides the joys of morphology and language change, he is interested in any language that has been extinct for at least 1000 years or never had any non-fictional native speakers in the first place. Otherwise, most of his time is spent playing the trumpet and having writer’s blocks.
  • Núria Bosch Masip

    Núria Bosch Masip

    University of Cambridge

    Núria is a first-year linguistics student at the University of Cambridge, from Catalonia. She’s really interested in generative syntax and its relation to language acquisition and historical linguistics, though you will occasionally find her learning more about other topics such as computational linguistics, theories of morphology and phonology or the Romance languages. Outside of her degree, she runs the CambTweet Linguistics account and takes part in access initiatives at her college. When not studying or drawing syntax trees, she enjoys learning languages, reading or travelling.
  • Amira Ramdani

    Amira Ramdani

    University of Oxford

    Amira is a second-year undergraduate Linguistics and French student at the University of Oxford. She is originally from Germany and studied for an undergraduate degree in Applied Foreign Languages (Chinese and English) at Université Paris-Sorbonne before coming to Oxford. Her main interests include syntax, historical linguistics, contact linguistics, and semantics. For the rest of her degree at Oxford, she will be focussing on the historical linguistics (and medieval literature) of Romance and Germanic languages, as well as syntactic theory. When not trying to draw shapely syntax trees, she enjoys learning more about codicology and palaeography. Also likes linocutting. 
  • Anastasia Putilova

    Anastasia Putilova

    University College London

    Anastasia (or Nastia, Russian names have weird short forms like that) is a third year BA Linguistics student at UCL. Originally from Moscow, she has also lived in Switzerland, France and Japan before moving to London. She particularly enjoys semantics and syntax, although anything even remotely related to linguistics is of great interest to her. Nastia loves learning languages (that is, trying not to forget the ones she is supposed to know already), playing guitar, chilling in coffee shops (or pubs, depends on the day) and reading random articles about theories of meaning.
  • Ondřej Boček

    Ondřej Boček

    Lancaster University

    Ondřej is a second-year BA student of Psychology and Linguistics at Lancaster University. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, for his university studies, Ondřej decided to depart to the UK due to the more experimental nature of British psychology. In terms of academia, Ondřej is deeply in love with psycholinguistics and biolinguistics. He is especially intrigued by the neurophysiological and genetical aspects of language production and comprehension. Outside of academia, Ondřej is a passionate hiker, a member of Extinction Rebellion and an executive member of Philosophy Society. Finally, wherever he goes, he takes a book and headphones: hardly can he imagine a life with no literature and music.
  • Julieta Gil Loizaga

    Julieta Gil Loizaga

    Queen Mary University of London

    Julieta is a second year Linguistics Undergraduate student at Queen Mary University of London. Originally from Argentina, she grew up in Spain and has been living in London since 2017. She is interested in syntax, phonology and phonetics and language technologies. Julieta is also a Senior Course Representative at Queen Mary, works as a freelance at Phrasee, and is learning to program. When she’s not working, she like to cook for as many people as possible and run trail and races.
  • Arabella Graves

    Arabella Graves

    University of York

    Arabella is a third year English Language and Linguistics student at the University of York. She is particularly interested in Pragmatics, Language and Thought and Phonetics and Phonology. She is an avid member of the Linguistic science department at York and is currently in the process of applying for a masters in Pragmatic Theory. Outside of linguistics she is the President of her college netball club and enjoys good food, board games and travelling.
  • Hafren Vaughan

    Hafren Vaughan

    University of Aberdeen

    Hafren, [hafɹən] or [havrɛn], is a first-year undergraduate Language & Linguistics student at the University of Aberdeen. She is too excited about all aspects of linguistics to decide on a particular interest at the moment. If not studying, she may be found learning languages, singing in Japanese – or really just obsessing over Japan. She also enjoys memorising random lists.
  • Laura Mills

    Laura Mills

    University of Huddersfield

    Laura is a 2nd year BA student in English language and linguistics at the University of Huddersfield. Laura enjoys all aspects of linguistics but has a particular interest in etymology and corpus linguistics. Alongside her studies, Laura also currently volunteers for her university's language magazine, Babel. Outside of university life, Laura enjoys music, and presents her own monthly electronic music radio show.
  • Grace Cotton

    Grace Cotton

    Ulster University

    Grace is a second year student in Northern Ireland studying Language and Linguistics with Counselling Studies. Grace's interests are Language Acquisition in children and Linguistics surrounding disabilities. When she isn't working or studying she can be found reading any sort of book or playing sports.
  • Emily Copeland

    Emily Copeland

    University of Kent

    Emily Copeland is a first year student at the University of Kent studying Hispanic Studies, English Language and Linguistics. Emily enjoys learning different languages including; Spanish, French and Latin. When Emily isn’t studying, she is either hanging out in coffee shops with friends or listening to music with them.
  • Laura Collins

    Anglia Ruskin University

    Laura is a first year linguistics student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. She is particularly interested in syntax and semantics but enjoys all aspects of linguistics and language studies. Laura is from England and, alongside English, speaks semi-fluent German and hopes to continue building on this whilst learning more about language. Outside of linguistics, Laura enjoys riding her horses, dancing ballet and running.
  • Natalie Lawrence

    Natalie Lawrence

    Stellenbosch University

    Natalie is a second-year BA Linguistics and Psychology student at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. She enjoys studying most topics within linguistics, but is particularly interested in psycholinguistics and phonology. When not studying, Natalie enjoys going snorkeling, trying to improve her German and listening to musical cast recordings.
  • Leo Adams

    University of Leeds

  • María Teresa Borneo

    María Teresa Borneo

    National University of Córdoba

    Teresa is a fourth-year linguistics student at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. Her main interests include syntax, psycholinguistics, and the history of language. When she’s not studying, she’s probably trying to learn a new Taylor Swift song on the guitar.
  • Jaidan McLean

    Jaidan McLean

    University of Oregon

    Jaidan is a third-year undergraduate linguistics student at the University of Oregon. They are particularly interested in sociolinguistics and language variation, with a little semantics thrown in there to spice it up. Jaidan is also currently an undergraduate member of the UO Linguistics Department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee in hopes to create more discussion and change for equal education around linguistic diversity. Outside of linguistics, they enjoy learning new languages (as they have been studying Mandarin for 4 years now), painting, and listening to the entire discography of any new band they find.
  • Justin Malčić

    Justin Malčić

    University of Maryland

    Justin is a second-year linguistics PhD student at the University of Maryland, from Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands). He is especially interested in formalism and other foundational issues in theoretical syntax and phonology. When not studying or coding, Justin enjoys learning new languages, watching films, and travelling.
  • Brandon Papineau

    Brandon Papineau

    Stanford University

    Brandon is originally from San Diego, California, though he has have lived in the United Kingdom from the ages of 16 to 21. During his undergraduate experience at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland became particularly interested in how we theorise and characterise heritage speakers, as well as the interaction between social factors and lyrical production in popular contemporary music. It is these interests that he will be carrying forward as he begins studying towards a PhD at Stanford University in California. Outside of linguistics, he is interested in literature (particularly horror) and advocates for inclusive and intersectional education curricula.