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  • Cliodhna Hughes, National chair

    Cliodhna is a third-year linguistics student at the University of Edinburgh, interested in all aspects of linguistics, but particularly in phonetics and language acquisition. As well as being ULAB’s National chair, she is also currently the president of Edinburgh University’s linguistics society. She enjoys doing linguistics outreach, attending student conferences, and getting involved in just about anything linguistics-related! Outside of linguistics, her hobbies include glass fusing, playing underwater hockey and making unbrielievable cheese puns.
  • Beatrix Livesey-Stephens, Treasurer, Local Chair and University of Aberdeen Representative

    Beatrix (Bea) Livesey-Stephens is a third year undergraduate Language & Linguistics student at the University of Aberdeen, where she is the President of the Linguistics Society. As the Convenor of AUSA Disabled Students Forum, she is particularly interested in the areas of Linguistics surrounding disability, such as the linguistics sign language and Braille. She would also like to work on the ethics of NLP and continue to host UKLO markathons. When not doing Linguistics, she’s making new consent workshops for CASE, or knitting.
  • Anne Eschenbrücher, Social Media Coordinator

    Anne is a postgraduate student in computational linguistics at the University of Wolverhampton. She is particularly interested in textual complexity and information extraction. Currently, she is writing her master’s dissertation where she is trying to measure the conceptual complexity of various texts. Her plans for the future include the completion of a PhD in natural language processing for which she is currently writing a lot of applications. In her free time, she can be found programming, jogging, or being creative in various ways. She especially enjoys designing various things with the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Amira Ramdani, Secretary and University of Oxford Representative

    Amira is a second-year undergraduate Linguistics and French student at the University of Oxford. She is originally from Germany and studied for an undergraduate degree in Applied Foreign Languages (Chinese and English) at Université Paris-Sorbonne before coming to Oxford. Her main interests include syntax, historical linguistics, contact linguistics, and semantics. For the rest of her degree at Oxford, she will be focussing on the historical linguistics (and medieval literature) of Romance and Germanic languages, as well as syntactic theory. When not trying to draw shapely syntax trees, she enjoys learning more about codicology and palaeography. Also likes linocutting.
  • Riley Crouch, Institutional Representative Coordinator

    Riley is a 2nd year linguistics student at the University of Edinburgh, originally from the US, more specifically Arkansas. They love exploring all areas of linguistics, especially pragmatics. When not linguisticsing, they will probably be found in the kitchen or in front of a mirror doing making - both while horrendously belting out the lyrics to songs in various languages.
  • Tom Williamson, Archivist

    Tom is a final-year Linguistics and Philosophy student at Lancaster University, originally hailing from Crediton in Devon. His research interests concern meaning and the mind, although he’s been thinking a lot about the significance of superlinguistics recently as well. He is looking forward to starting his MPhil in Linguistics at Girton College, Cambridge, where he will be pursuing a thesis with the provisional title ‘Meaning Without Concepts’. In his spare time, he is a keen squash player, runner, and long-distance walker.
  • Louis Van Steene, Webmaster

    Louis is a third-year linguistics student at Magdalene College, Cambridge, originally from Hertfordshire. After trying to learn a range of languages with highly variable success over the years, from Icelandic to Japanese, his interest in linguistics initially grew as a way to tie them all together. A Platonist at heart, his current interests primarily lie in formal syntax and phonology and their applications. Further intellectual pursuits span the philosophical and the psychological, but when not studying or learning languages, he enjoys literature, music and lists without Oxford commas.
  • Michael Gössler, University of Edinburgh Representative

    Michael is a second-year linguistics student at the University of Edinburgh and currently secretary of Edinburgh’s Linguistics Society. Originally from Styria, Austria, he entered the world of linguistics as a conlanger, knowing from age 15 he wanted to make language science his degree. Besides the joys of morphology and language change, he is interested in any language that has been extinct for at least 1000 years or never had any non-fictional native speakers in the first place. Otherwise, most of his time is spent playing the trumpet and having writer’s blocks.
  • Anastasia Putilova, University College London Representative

    Anastasia (or Nastia, Russian names have weird short forms like that) is a third year BA Linguistics student at UCL. Originally from Moscow, she has also lived in Switzerland, France and Japan before moving to London. She particularly enjoys semantics and syntax, although anything even remotely related to linguistics is of great interest to her. Nastia loves learning languages (that is, trying not to forget the ones she is supposed to know already), playing guitar, chilling in coffee shops (or pubs, depends on the day) and reading random articles about theories of meaning.
  • Núria Bosch Masip, University of Cambridge Representative

    Núria is a first-year linguistics student at the University of Cambridge, from Catalonia. She’s really interested in generative syntax and its relation to language acquisition and historical linguistics, though you will occasionally find her learning more about other topics such as computational linguistics, theories of morphology and phonology or the Romance languages. Outside of her degree, she runs the CambTweet Linguistics account and takes part in access initiatives at her college. When not studying or drawing syntax trees, she enjoys learning languages, reading or travelling.
  • Brandon Papineau, Stanford University Representative

    Brandon is originally from San Diego, California, though he has have lived in the United Kingdom from the ages of 16 to 21. During his undergraduate experience at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland became particularly interested in how we theorise and characterise heritage speakers, as well as the interaction between social factors and lyrical production in popular contemporary music. It is these interests that he will be carrying forward as he begins studying towards a PhD at Stanford University in California. Outside of linguistics, he is interested in literature (particularly horror) and advocates for inclusive and intersectional education curricula.
  • Justin Malčić, University of Maryland Representative

    Justin is a second-year linguistics PhD student at the University of Maryland, from Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands). He is especially interested in formalism and other foundational issues in theoretical syntax and phonology. When not studying or coding, Justin enjoys learning new languages, watching films, and travelling.