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Editorial Team

  • T. R. Williamson

    T. R. Williamson, Editor-in-Chief

    Hello! I'm an MPhil (by Thesis) student at Cambridge, focusing on the interrelation of the mind and concepts with meaning in language for my research. As a co-founder of U-Lingua, and as its Editor-in-Chief, I elicit great satisfaction and excitement from the success we've already enjoyed as an Editorial Team! My role for the magazine involves overseeing all of the magazine's operation, including article idea approval, editing with Section Editors, formatting and designing with the Editorial Designer, publicity, and eventual publication every quarter.
  • Caitlin Wilson

    Caitlin Wilson, Section Editor for News

    I'm currently at the University of Edinburgh in the third year of an MA in Linguistics. My main interest within the field is phonology, but I’m also very interested in language acquisition and historical linguistics. My role for U-Lingua is as Section Editor for the news section of the magazine, In the Field. I commission, organise, and edit articles that discuss anything new happening in the world of linguistics.
  • Hayley Hilson

    Hayley Hilson, Section Editor for Academia

    I'm a third year BA Linguistics at the University of Cambridge. For the magazine, I’m the Section Editor for Behind the Bookshelves, U-Lingua’s academia section, which aims to provide thought-provoking and detailed, yet still approachable, explorations of academic research. I enjoy exploring all areas of linguistics, but my main interests lie in psycholinguistics, and I am currently undertaking a dissertation which investigates the role of accent as a cue to bilingual language choice. I hope to extend this interest by studying for a Master's in Psychology.
  • Blue Bates Cambridge, Section Editor for Industry

  • Liam McKnight

    Liam McKnight, Section Editor for Puzzles

    I'm a third year BA Linguistics student at the University of Cambridge. Within linguistics, I'm interested in theoretical phonology and morphology, as well as Celtic languages. I also enjoy solving and writing language puzzles, of the sort used in the UK Linguistics Olympiad. The Section I edit, A Hands-On Approach, focuses on language puzzles as well as analysis of real-world linguistic data more generally.
  • Anne Eschenbruecher

    Anne Eschenbruecher, Editorial Designer