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School Students Poster Presentation Information

This year the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB) is inviting school students who have done work or research in linguistics, possibly as part of an extended project qualification or similar, to present their work at a dedicated poster session which will take place at some point between 9th and 11th April (exact date and time to be decided). This is a great opportunity for students to tell other interested linguists about the work they have been carrying out. Presentations also look great on a CV or personal statement, particularly if the student is hoping to study linguistics or a related subject at university, or to go into a related industry.

In order to participate, students need to fill out the following form with a title and a 1-2 sentence summary of the work they will be presenting, before 23:59pm GMT on 1st March 2022. Click here to view the form on our website.

For the poster presentation session itself, students should create a poster about their work, which will be displayed digitally at the session. The size of the poster is therefore up to the student to decide. The exact format of the poster will depend on the nature of the work that the student carried out. If they did an experimental study, for example, the poster should include sections describing the background behind the study, the methodology used, results, and a discussion which may include implications of the student’s findings and directions that other researchers could follow if they wanted to do further research in the area. If the student did a more theoretical or reading-based study, then some of these suggested sections may not be applicable, and so it is up to the student to decide what to include. If the student needs help with this then they are more than welcome to reach out to us via email – we are happy to help! At the poster presentation session, students will show their poster by sharing their screen, and should be present to explain their poster to attendees and answer any questions they may have about the research.

Some posters from previous ULAB conferences made by undergraduate students are available to view on our website, and can be used for formatting inspiration and to give an idea of what sort of things to include in a poster. To access these, go to the following link, select one of the more recent conferences, then click ‘Presentations’, then ‘Posters’:

If you have questions about anything then please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]