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JoULAB Associate Copyeditor

Open application - no submission deadline!

Role Description

The Journal of the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain is looking to recruit three new Associate Copyeditors on a voluntary basis to join its Editorial Committee for a period of 12 months. Collectively, the Associate Copyeditors are responsible for ensuring all manuscripts accepted for publication conform to the Journal’s specific formatting and styling policies.

The main role of an Associate Copyeditor is to carry out copyedits on articles that have passed through the Journal’s internal review procedures and have given a final acceptance for publication by the Editorial Committee. While achieving the level of detail required by our high standards can take some time, the best candidate will find the process of a turning world-class undergraduate article into a pristine manuscript ready for publication rewarding and enjoyable. 

A sophisticated and comprehensive eye to detail is essential for any prospective applicant. Associate Copyeditors will demonstrate a willingness to learn and contribute to the Journal’s Formatting and Styling Guide (a document constantly under revision as new kinds of article require copyediting) and an ability to apply its policies on a case-by-case basis. Candidates with experience in graphic design (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) are particularly encouraged to apply, so as to contribute to the Journal in domains outside of copyediting (e.g. social media and publication). As such, the position of Associate Copyeditor also offers the potential for creative expression!

This is a very exciting opportunity to play an influential part in a groundbreaking project. JoULAB is very proud that it is the world’s only undergraduate journal accepting submissions in any area of linguistics, and as such seeks enthusiastic, attentive, and organised individuals to fill its open Committee positions.

Person Specification

  1. Prospective applicants must be studying for a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) in linguistics or related field at the time of appointment.
  2. Experience copyediting/editing/proof-reading (etc.) is preferred.

Application Information

To apply, please use the form in-built on the ULAB website (here). You will need to provide a 500-word cover letter explaining why you wish to apply for this role, the specific experiences you have that make you qualified to succeed in it, and what you would hope to accomplish if your application is successful.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a final round of applications, which may include attending a brief interview or completing a short role-specific task to assess aptitude. The best applicants will be able to prove that their academic, extracurricular, or personal experiences make them suitable for the position, that they have the time and flexibility to prioritise their work for JoULAB, and that they possess excellent skills relevant to the role for which they have applied.

While no two positions may be held by the same individual, should the Editorial Committee see fit in a particular instance, applicants unsuccessful in the role for which they applied may be recommended for a different open position on our team. In this instance, the applicant would not be required to reapply altogether; instead, the Committee would reach out to suggest the applicant consider the alternate role in question and, should they accept, they would continue within the application process at whatever stage they were previously.