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Board of Reviewers

The Board of Reviewers

All submissions to JoULAB are reviewed by two doctoral students or candidates in linguistics (or an adjacent area). In almost all cases, these two reviewers will be selected from the Journal's special pool of reviewers, known as the Board of Reviewers. Members of the Board of Reviewers have met personally with at least one, in most circumstances two or three, individuals on the Journal's Editorial Committee to discuss reviewing for JoULAB and what that entails. They have all also been provided with unique guidelines to facilitate the unique task of peer-reviewing undergraduate work.

If you are a doctoral student who would be interested in joining our Board of Reviewers, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us via email at [email protected].

Select Members of the Board of Reviewers

We are proud of the diversity of fields, institutions, and nationalities represented on the Board of Reviewers. To date, we have over 60 reviewers from countries across the world. In no particular order, below is a non-exhaustive list of members of the Board of Reviewers who have consented to have their information displayed:

Analí Taboh - University of Buenos Aires
Angelica Fulga - Lancaster University
Annika Schiefner - University of Cologne
Annie Holtz - University of Edinburgh
Ashley Reilly-Thornton - University of Brighton
Anton Malmi - University of Tartu
Bradley Mackay - University of Salzburg
Bran Papineau - Stanford University
Cameron Morin - University of Paris
Chara Triantafyllidou - University of Cambridge
Chiu-Chou Hao - University of Edinburgh
Esranur Efeoǧlu Özcan - Middle East Technical University
Felicity Parry - Bangor University
Gilly Marchini - University of Edinburgh
Gina Scarpete Walters - Arizona State University
Guillem Belmar - University of California, Santa Barbara
Hamdi Ahmad - University of Aberdeen
Irene Fally - University of Vienna
Jess Aiston - Lancaster University
Lefteris Paparounas - University of Pennsylvania
Mari-Liis Korkus - University of Tartu
Marisol Murujosa - University of Buenos Aires
Mary Chioti - University of Manchester
Mashael Althobiti - University of Reading
Megan M. Brown - Boston University
Nadine Dietrich - University of Edinburgh
Naomi Peck - University of Freiburg
Nicolás Arellano - University of Buenos Aires
Nina Hagen Kaldhol - University of California, San Diego
Omnia Ibrahim - Saarland University
Qiuyi Sun - University of Birmingham
Rachel Shannon - University of Strathclyde
Sarah Lapacz - University of York
Scott Perry - University of Alberta
Sylvain Pourciel - University of Birmingham
Tamara Gómez Carrero - University of Valladolid
Tamisha Tan - Harvard University
Valeria Riveros Fuentes - University of York
Yaqian Huang - University of California, San Diego
Yiyang Guo - University of Cambridge
Yuze Sha - Lancaster University